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October 29th, 2014

toy boat, toy boat, toy boat

it was a pleasure to paint a desk for a budding young man of letters, whose parents are clients of lovely designer {and friend} susan hughes simpson. they were inspired by a plaid chair in his room, and asked us to re-do a piece from their attic. catherine began by mixing chalk paint® in emperor’s silk with a little bit of primer red, applying two coats. once those were dry, susan sketched out the way she wanted the ‘plaid’ to translate to the desktop, and we taped the lines off and filled in with chateau grey and country grey. a coat of clear wax, buffed to a sheen, seals and protects the paint.

red desk, all done.

detail of the plaid


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October 10th, 2014

barn doors…all done

mrs. jones has had to be away from custom work for just a bit, but a project for a wonderful neighbor was just too good to pass up. two doors down from the little pink house, an extensive renovation has been under way for several months. my neighbors had found some yummy old doors in new orleans, but the existing paint was a shambles – falling off in chunks – and had to be professionally stripped. the doors arrived at our studio bare, clean, and ready to go, but my lovely clients really wanted the crusty, crumbling look back again.  chalk paint® to the rescue! using paris grey, old white and graphite, plus a secret (!) ingredient, we were able to (almost) replicate the look of years of weather upon layers of paint.


a layer of wax on top of the paint gives it some protection, but we left it barely-buffed and matte for a more authentic weathered look.



they’ve designed a bar/storage area to be hidden behind the doors, mounted on a track, barn-style. i love their minimal-and-clean-but-rustic-and-textured-kitchen.



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June 16th, 2013

paloma chair, after

mrs. jones’s summer interns have been hard at work helping her get caught up on projects at the studio…thank goodness!  here’s a chair that was treated to a makeover with annie sloan’s decorative chalk paint® in paloma.  the before:

chair, before

charlie added lots of texture as he laid on two coats of the paint…great brushstrokes that caught the dark wax when we applied it.

paloma chair detail
side detail of chair

the finishing touches were gilding wax and a seat re-covered in annie’s normandie toile (which in real life is a much more
beautiful blend with paloma…the photos don’t do the fabric justice.)

gilded touches

(if you’re interested in annie sloan’s new fabrics, just come by the studio to take a peek.  we have samples on display, and can have your special-ordered yardage within a few days.)

front detail of chair

charlie thinks that normandie is my favorite fabric because it has an adorable goat in the design…there may be something to that.  i do so love a goat.

full frontal


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« from glum to glam »

January 13th, 2013

this cute but time-worn nightstand is making the transition from a grandmother’s attic to a a very stylish 9-year-old girl’s room.  before any of you mahogany/walnut/cherry-lovers out there rush to judge mrs. jones, please keep in mind that this piece was in dire need of refinishing…and isn’t it better to have it back in use, rather than hidden away in a hot, humid attic?  i truly think so…but know that there will be other opinions.  (which i hope will be kindly expressed.)  all that aside, here is the before:

my lovely client requested a high-gloss silver finish to work with lillian’s grown-up new lilac and gray bedroom scheme.  (on-site photos with the cute back-ordered crystal knobs have been promised.)  in the meantime, here is the pre-delivery after:

this piece required a little sanding to smooth out the surface.  as you know, with a glossy finish, the smallest imperfections are magnified…that little speck of something or another can end up looking like a boulder.  so, sanding and tacking away all the dust and grit is really important.

i primed first with stix, a great water-based undercoat, and then painted on two coats of modern masters’ metallic in silver.

after another sanding and wipe-down, two coats of high-gloss polyurethane went on, for the depth, shine, and durability that lillian’s mom asked for.  the poly does have an amber tone to it (which in some environments may deepen over time) but i really like the way it mellows out the silver and warms it up a little.  it’s tricky to use this topcoat over light paint colors, but over metallics it gives a nice softening effect.  i think that the brighter look really plays up the cute details on this piece.

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« sneakity-peek-peeks »

January 3rd, 2013

previews of a few of the custom pieces in the works right now (though the final touches aren’t on yet, so i hope you’ll check back for more details soon.)

here is the before of a set of chinoiserie nightstands and dressers which my lovely client snagged at an estate sale in all their 1970′s yellow-and-red faux bamboo glory:

she asked to have them done in white high-gloss, which calls for only one thing: hollandlac brilliant.

which means, of course, an excellent excuse for a phone conversation with my colorist crush, emmett fiore at fine paints of europe.  {sigh.}  he is a smooth-color-talking hugely-hue-knowledgeable dreamboat, and i adore him.  in just a few days, a litre of her choice of benjamin moore’s white dove was on the doorstep, mixed in the only paint i know that you have to touch to see that it’s not still wet.  after no small amount of prep work (sanding, removing some yucky old sticky estate-sale stuff, filling grain with putty, using an enamel underbody, etc.) here is a glimpse…

my client has an excellent eye – these are going to be knockout in her guest room.

the next project is a rustic, colorful re-do of this cute corner cupboard…before:

…this lovely client wanted to keep the inside the same aged green/blue, and to use a splash of it on the outside, too, with terra-cotta for most of the exterior.  (the fabulous lindley martens assisted in the scheme.)  kim (one of mrs. jones’s very own mixologists, in case you haven’t met kim & jessica yet) matched exactly what they were looking for in annie sloan’s wonderful chalk paint® , which was then topped with annie’s dark wax for age and crustiness, like so:

the final piece on deck right now is a “granny’s attic” special, being glammed up for a teenaged girl’s room…before:

here is a peek at the after:

she chose a glossy silver finish, which i’ve done here with modern masters’ silver (over a prepped surface, primed with stix) and then benjamin moore’s high-gloss polyurethane as a topcoat.  (so, yes, you really could bounce a basketball on it.)

all the final photos, plus tutorials on both of the high-gloss finishes shown here are coming shortly – please drop by again.

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